Random Stuff

Wow. Things are in hyper-drive mode for me lately, and it seems it’s that way for everybody. My brother, Mike, just took a road trip and moved to California, cray, my friend, Kristen, might be moving to Maryland, cray-er, my nephew turned 2, i’m in the process of buying an artist studio here, cray cray, i’m starting an illustration/2-d design class in 2 weeks here, yea, and i’m on vacation away from work until June 1st. ::sigh:: in case i get ridiculously busy with all of these things (highly likely) and can’t make an update to the site in a while (highly unlikely because i have some cool stuff getting ready to post), here are some random wallpapers and photomanipulations from a few years ago… “Skeletondanse” was inspired by this song and “Red Rain” was inspired by this song.

Mega Eye Red Mega Eye Green Mega Eye BLue
SkeLetondanse SkeLetondanse Red SkeLetondanse Green
Red Rain Red Rain 2 Red Rain 3
Beyond The Breaking Of The Waves Digital Cathreedral