Agent # 417

I have been collecting bottle caps for a while now, with the intention of making art with them. This past Winter, I made a huge Super Mario sprite out of various bottle caps for my friend, Dan.

I gave it to him for his Birthday.

After making the Mario one, I knew I had to make one for myself. It was going to be of MY favorite video game character: Mega Man. I set out collecting the bottle caps, and friends were giving me bags at a time. Everyone thought I was a weirdo, but that’s fine.

This is a 40″x60″ plank of wood. It’s huge and heavy. I had to have somebody pick me up at work to bring it home.

Here I am, spray-painting the background. I decided to go with a sort of explosion looking thing, but keeping it clean and simple with solid lines and bold colors.

Round 1 of the blue spraypaint is done. Seriously, this thing is as big as me.

I taped off the rest of the areas and finished the spray-painting. I was pretty pleased at this point with the background.

There are 417 bottle caps, including the bullet. This took more than just a few hours to lay all these out on the floor…

…and another few hours to move them from the floor to the spray-painted wood.

I wasn’t super pumped with how the yellow background was showing through, and a few of my friends noticed it, too. I had to color in the background areas where it was yellow as I glued the caps down. This took a really, really long time…

…but I got it finished, and I Love it. Seriously, Mega Man is as big as me. Awesome.

Agent # 417, named after how many bottle caps (pixels) there are in this thing.

Here’s a banana for scale.

Thanks for viewing this, but don’t ask me to make you one. I’m never making bottle cap art again.

Link to the imgur album