Tell Me What You See…

Almost everybody can look at abstract everyday things like clouds and wood grain and see things like dragons, monsters, cartoon characters, but it’s not every day that you see something like this:

The Cabinet

When I saw this, I blurted out to my friends, “Is it just me, or does the stain on that cabinet look like Snoopy, ya know, getting a blowjob?” They all turned around and pretty much agreed with me while cracking up laughing and saying it was the most random thing they’ve ever heard. I can’t help it if I’m super random and thinking about those kinds of things all the time. Oh, and I’m sorry if this illustration ruins part of your childhood (This illustration might not be safe for work, errr, your childhood, so click on the black-bar thumbnail to view the full-sized image in all its… glory):

Snoopy and Woodstock

This is what I saw on that cabinet and I knew I had to illustrate it. I think I will start looking for art everywhere I go in everything I see, like cabinets, dirt, clouds, and when I’m taking a break from doing work staring at the ceiling… maybe you should, too.