New Comic Strip – “Bomb-head”

A new comic strip is up! <-That's a link right there... it's a comic strip introducing Bomb-head finally, and it's also sort of relevant and metaphorical to me not being all that present and calm lately with all that's going on. My mind has been taking over lately. Anyway, the comic strip is pretty experimental, in that it's like those Android and iPhone/iPad comic apps where you can tap the screen or swipe the screen to advance and zoom in and the frame letterboxes around the current panel you're reading... it's what I've been wanting Bootleg - the interactive comic strip - to be all these years... I've experimented several times before, and this one is just as different, but much more simplified, and I’ve started using my tablet to draw the comics instead of using the line tool. I think it’s a good new illustration style that I’ll only get better at with time. I feel pretty accomplished, considering the coding of this flash document took me over 3 hours to do, and the illustrations took a few hours as well… over the course of the past 2 weeks. Anyway, it’s finally up, and I hope you like it. Anybody who knows where Bomb-head went after this knows more than I do… ::shrugs::